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NoN: Fortschritte und Release

Knights of Ni - little release on the prairie

The GTK+ desktop client for static website generator Nikola has made some progress since mentioned last time here.

Nikola v8 will soon be released in June. I saved the current development status as a release because I cannot estimate how much effort I have to put into to make it ready for v8.



The submenu moved to the right side; on the left there is the GUI/teminal StackSwitcher; new: button that opens the Nikola handbook.

More deployment options
  • GitLab: use the "Deploy to GitHub" button, for help on configuration see this example Nikola site using GitLab.

  • Other: if there is DEPLOY_COMMANDS variable set in your the "Deploy" button will execute the 'default' preset.


NoN now runs as a GtkApplication.

Desktop entry


Open post/page in browser

Right click on an article to open it in the default webbrowser.

Bits and pieces

Bugfixes, improved logging, Python code is now conform to PEP8 (says pycodestyle).



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