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Use Nikola's Project Pages plugin without Bootstrap theme

Nikola is a great static site generator with lots of available plugins to extend its functionality.

One of these plugins is the Project Pages plugin. The principle of it is that you create source files with (meta) information in a determined 'projects' folder and Nikola generates an index site and one page per project. You can see what it looks like on the developer's website or here at my site.

The plugins' templates are based on using a Boostrap theme. If you are using other themes you will run into two problems:

  • table and other formatting

  • carousel of the featured projects


Adding/Altering style parameter of a theme is easy: go to /themes/CURRENT_THEME/asstes/css/ and edit the custom.css. If you want to use a separate file put it in this very folder and add the filename to /themes/CURRENT_THEME/bundles.

First I had to find the missing CSS assignments in the Bootstrap theme's CSS file. You can download the resulting file so you don't have to do this again.



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